Past Students and Students of other Universities

Past Student Services

Keeping people safe, keeping learning going

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University of South Wales, in March 2020, moved to all but a small number of essential staff working remotely, in line with Government guidance.

Unfortunately, this affected the delivery of some university services provided to students, alumni and other interested parties, including the production of certificates and transcripts. 

The University is now implementing a phased return to campus for essential services, of which certificates and transcripts is one, with the aim of certificates and transcripts being produced and distributed during the Autumn Term.  The aim is that all services for past students will be available for applications from week commencing 19 October 2020, subject to any further covid-related restrictions


Current Services for Past Students

Transcript of Performance (Notification of Performance)

Further information including a glossary of terms for the content of the transcript are available here.

Services provided
Past Student services provides information and services for former students including duplicate Certificates and Transcripts (currently unavailable), Confirmation of Award. The range of services are available here.

Please contact us via past student services enquiry form if you have any enquiries.

Students of Other Universities

The University acts as an examination centre for candidates of other universities wishing to arrange to sit their examinations at the University of South Wales.