The Partnerships Manual sets out the definitions, processes and policies for the operation of the University’s provision with others. It covers all arrangements where the University works in partnership with other organisations to design and/or deliver courses and/or to award qualifications. The Apprenticeship Partnerships Manual sets out the definition, processes and policies for the operation of the University’s1 provision with others with relation to apprenticeship arrangements. Both these manuals should be read in conjunction with the Quality Manual which sets out the University’s overarching approach to its quality framework.

In addition, further information on student casework regulations and associated procedures for partner institutions may be found in the Guidance on Student Casework Regulations and Procedures for Partners.

Members of staff should visit the relevant Faculty Quality Assurance and Enhancement Sharepoint sites for forms and guidance on the establishment and support of partnerships. 

Members of staff at USW and our Partners are appointed as University Link Officers (ULO)/Partner Link Officers (PLO) provide critical support to ensuring the effective delivery of USW courses at partner institutions.

More information about the role of ULOs and PLOs can be found in the University and Partner Link Officer Handbook

Additional Forms:

University Link Officer Mid-Year Report Template

Annual University and Partner Link Officer Report Template

For more information on our arrangements, please review our summary of partners.

Under the Recognised Teacher Status (RTS) Scheme, the University and its partners agree that all staff teaching on University-approved courses within those collaborative partners must become recognised teachers of the University in respect of the subjects and modules that they deliver.

The Procedures for Recognised Teacher Status provides an outline of conditions and criteria to gain RTS. The RTS Application Form should be filled in completely for full consideration.

The University supports CPD of our partners, apply using the Fee Abatement Application Form

For our existing partners, please click on this link to access USW Partnership Hub, which provides a range of useful information and range of templates, guidance, event reminders, contact details and variety of other useful resources.