Reporting Services

The reporting team's overall strategy is to:

  • Report on student information;
  • Satisfy statutory information requirements;
  • Effectively manage its business;
  • Enable the measurement of performance to identify poor areas of performance;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of policy change;
  • Most student data can be found via the 'Red Button' reports within Quercus. If you wish to request a new report, please complete the form.

Quercus Student Record System

Quercus is used to enrol students, manage their examinations and assessment results and to hold their contact details.  Quercus is also the main reporting tool for staff to access student, course and module data. Most student data can be found by using the Red Button reports, which can be accessed after logging into the system via the Quercus home page.

Within Quercus Reporting you will see a 'Report Catalogue' button, which will bring up a list of all reports available. You can then enter one or more key words in the dialogue box and this will filter and refine the list.

Accessing Quercus

Please visit the page "Quercus Student Record System" for more information on accessing Quercus.